Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some of the Worst Career Advice Ever

I just read a post from Jason Alba on one of my favorite career resources - his JibberJobber blog.  Jason was recapping a speech he heard a few years ago from a so called career professional who was espousing all kinds of bad career advice. 

The link to Jason's site is below, so please check it out.  As you read that list of truly bad advice, please keep these tips in mind.  Not all the career advice you hear will be obviously wrong, as it is in this list, some of it will be more subtle.   With some advice you get from so called professionals, your gut instincts will immediately tell you - this is bogus.

The key to spotting bad career advice is to research the source of the advice:
- Ask others what they think and who they trust
- Read recommendations for the career professional maybe on a LinkedIn profile
- Read their tweets.  What kind of advice do they offer?
- Look closely at what qualifies them to be a career professional.  Be careful of the certifications.  They are everywhere!

Bad career advice blog post!