Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 14 - Join a Professional Association

National Career Development Month!

Are you currently an active member of a professional association? Notice the emphasis on the word active. Many of us pay dues to belong to an association, but really do not take the time to even read the monthly newsletters or subscriptions you receive via email or land mail.

What kind of value is there in joining an association?

Aside from the obvious networking possibilities with people in the same profession, which could lead to great opportunities, there are other benefits such as:
- Building new skills through on line or in person workshops, webinars etc.
- An opportunity to shape the future direction of your profession
- The possibility to develop leadership skills by participating on or leading a committee.

Here are two great lists of professional associations. Find a few that you can further explore and possibly join so that you can maybe attend a national conference in early 2008.

1. Wikipedia
2. Jobweb

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syeds said...

Goal and Current location, Current Skills/Experience, current skills are very much important, for career development.

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