Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 18 – Research Upcoming Career Fairs!

National Career Development Month

If you are thinking about making a career transition, one immediate way to quickly improve your career and industry awareness is to attend a career fair. These fairs generally have the same format and layout, cost you nothing but a few hours and give you a great opportunity to meeting hiring managers.

When searching online, be sure to use different keywords to find upcoming fairs since the names might vary slightly. Here are a few alternative ways to find a career fairs which could be of interest to you.

Search by location – eg Philadelphia Career Fair or Valley Forge Career Fair.
Search based on education or training – eg MBA Career Fair, Technical Job Fair
Search by industry – eg. Sales Job Fair, Nonprofit Career Fair, Healthcare Job Fair
Search by niche – eg Diversity Job Fair or Disability Job Fair

Don't forget to search for Virtual Job Fairs as well which are completely online events.

Read the following articles for more information on how to use career fairs to your advantage.

Making the Most of Career Fairs by
Career Fair Strategies, by North Carolina State University Career Center

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