Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day 24 – Share your Resume and Get Feedback

National Career Development Month

Getting honest and unbiased feedback on your resume or CV is important. As with all of your job search communication including Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters or Thank You Letters, getting another perspective is important if you are considering a career makeover, career change or just a career checkup.

This is great time to pull together a list of people whose opinion you value and whose advice could help. As the holidays approach you might even see some contacts you do not see regularly and this would be a good way to start rejuvenating your contacts again and work on your networking skills.

Although most of the people you might share your resume or CV with are not professional resume writers, they can certainly give you good feedback about layout, flow or consistency. They may even know of opportunities you might want to consider.

Don't forget that many online resume writing services like can give you a free evaluation of your resume.

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Sonic1 said...

How do I share my resume so I could get your feed back on it.