Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 30 – Schedule Time with a Career Coach

My hope is that over the last 30 days you have had a chance to work on your personal development plan, you have increased your career and industry awareness and you have begun to lay the foundation for future career satisfaction.

This is a good time to schedule some time for a consultation with a professional Career Coach. Working with a Career Coach should be as important to you as getting together with your Accountant at tax time every year or meeting with your Insurance Agent to make sure your policies are as they should be.

Of course cost is a consideration and as with all other professionals you work with in planning your life, you look for a return on your investment. For example, just as working with an Accountant actually saves you money, working with a good Career Coach could save you stress and earn you more.

Most of us couldn't actually put a price on the personal and professional costs related to being in the wrong job or wrong career. Just as no career test exists to tell you what to do, do not expect a Career Coach to tell you what to do either.

Look for Career Coaches who are members of professional associations that uphold the highest levels of ethical standards.


the medical sales recruiter said...

Of course, hiring a "real" career coach would be fantastic, but I recommend that people think about those that they interact with as possible career coachs. I know that I had several bosses, co-workers, friends and even my husband be outstanding resources of "thought processes" and ideas for my career that were very valuable. In the laboratory products industry there are some fantastic resources, if you starting looking around.....

Kingsley Tagbo said...

A good mentor may also be equally effective

resume said...

Working with a Career Coach is a great opportunity to improve your professional skills. As an additional way to climb the career ladder is to write a successful resume. You should aim to be as concise as possible in writing your resume as prospective employers who have to go through hundreds of resumes will prefer resumes created in short and concise manner.