Monday, November 12, 2007

Do You Fear Going back to School? Start Small

Successful career reentry might not be in the cards for you without additional training. Although a college degree is always a good option, you could work your way towards that, by starting with a certificate program.

Professional certification is one way to gain credibility in a short time and really build your resume.

Per the Department of Education, 13% of students currently enrolled in college are single parents. This represents an increase from 7.6% in 1993. Some of the key reasons people go back to school and go back to work are economic need, changing careers or updating professional credentials.

Here is what the International Center for Educational Statistics says about the projected growth in enrollment of older students:
"The number of young students has been growing more rapidly than the number of older students, but this pattern is expected to shift.

Between 1990 and 2004, enrollment of students under 25 increased by 31%. Enrollment of persons 25 and over rose 17% during the same period. To 2014, NCES projects a rise of 11% in enrollments of those under 25, and an increase of 15% in the number 25 and over".

Back 2 College is a good resource for career reentry professionals.

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