Monday, November 19, 2007

Employers Value College Graduates Who Study Abroad

Recent surveys showed increased value of study abroad to employers as they select new college graduates for career positions.

Before you plan a spring break trip to Jamaica, think about travelling with a purpose and spending your college breaks going global for meaningful reasons.

College students should learn about study abroad programs including "Semesters-at-Sea" and other great programs for meaningful vacations and breaks.

Read the complete article about study abroad by BullsEyeResumes here.

Additional resources for college students to study abroad:
Transitions Abroad - offers expert career and trip advice, first-hand experiences, and practical resources for college students wishing to find jobs overseas.

Student Traveler - Student Traveler encourages college students to see the world, believing that those who experience foreign cultures will change for the better.

International Student - Online resource for international students to see the world and improve their education experience.

Peace Corps - Established in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy to promote world peace and friendship through post college experiences.

Semester at Sea - A floating university that lets college students travel globally two to three months at a time.

British Council - British agency dedicated to building relationships between the UK and other countries through college student exchanges and scholarships.

Study Abroad - Comprehensive source of information on educational opportunities for college students who want to study abroad.

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