Sunday, December 2, 2007

Assessment Center Interview - Are You Prepared?

The Assessment Center interview is making a comeback. defines an Assessment Center Interview as a variety of testing techniques designed to allow candidates to demonstrate, under standardized conditions, the skills and abilities most essential for success in a given job or career.

Some consider the "traditional job interview" an inferior approach to determine a candidate's real potential for on-the-job career success.

Since HR departments can now more adequately measure the cost of a bad hire, the Assessment Center interview approach, although expensive, could be money well spent.

Generally speaking, most of the exercises or "tests" job seekers do in an Assessment Center interview will measure specific job skills and competencies. These "tests" reflect a combination of:

-Case Studies
-In-Tray Exercises
-Group Exercises
-Role Plays
-Job Skills Demonstration

Read the complete article on Assessment Center Interviews at Associated Content!


S. said...

I like that some companies that use a PEO for assessment tests are starting to use assessment centers to provide the candidates more ways to show their skills in a job interview. I agree that it is "money well spent" to find a better way to spot out "bad hires."

Training Vanzari said...

Assessment center is the most complex method
that allows us to analyze the specific and general skills and determination of
potential employers.