Friday, December 28, 2007

Illegal Interview Questions in the Presidential Race

If you have been on the Internet anytime recently, passed a television set, looked briefly at a newspaper headline or even listened to the radio, you probably know that there is a highly competitive Presidential race going on now.

As I listened to one political analyst after another, I couldn't help but notice how many illegal interview questions were being asked of these candidates who are going for this top job in the US.

HR professionals know to stay away from the EEO minefields of Race, Color, Sex, Religion, National origin, Birthplace, Age, Disability and Marital/family issues in real job interviews.

However, Presidential candidates who have tossed their resumes in the ring to be CEO of the United States, are being asked, and even more interestingly, are answering "illegal interview questions" daily.

There are tons of these types "illegal interview questions" floating out there in media land and I often think about what we would do if faced with these kinds of questions in a real interview.

Then again, maybe the Presidential race is not a true reflection of a "real" interview or is it?

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