Monday, December 24, 2007

Network Your Way to Career Reentry

The holidays are just about behind us and I hope you were able to rejuvenate some of your contacts during the season.

Reentering the workforce is easier if you are working to maintain contacts that you have made over the years.

For many people the idea of networking is a scary proposition. Usually it is because we are thinking it is something very different from what we have done before. Some of us might be thinking that networking means we have to go out and find ourselves a whole new group of people to socialize as we overlook the good folks we already know.

An article by BullsEyeResumes at FORTYfied gives these simple reminders about networking.

1. Make time to maintain your contacts.
2. Become a resource for the people you know.
3. Keep a record of information on new contacts.

Complete BullsEyeResumes article - Career Change in Your Future? Master these
3 Networking Skills Now!

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