Monday, December 17, 2007

Resume and Interview Tips for Older Workers

If you are an older worker returning to the workplace, consider what employers might be thinking as you apply for jobs .

The reality is, employers might be thinking that experienced or older workers cost more due to higher salaries, pensions, training and healthcare benefits.

As you strategize and conduct a professional job search, your goal is to consider seriously what you want employers to think about you. Your goal? Get the company to see that they can't afford NOT to hire you.

Think about the following as you write your resume and prepare for your interview:

1. Stay cheerful and high energy for all phone or in-person interviews. Learn more about Assessment Center Interviews

2. Speak to the benefits of your professional experience, professional maturity and the years of job experience you bring.

3. Keep your resume content current and stick to relevant information.

4. Speak to the long term value you can bring to the company.

5. Tell stories about outstanding outcomes in prior assignments using today's, industry relevant vernacular.

6. Consider using a functional resume.

7. Use cover letters to focus on relevant, recent experiences

8. Speak to your ability to collaborate and work with everyone from Boomers to Millennials.

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