Sunday, December 30, 2007

Speed Interviewing Anyone?

If you are jumping back into the workforce you need to be aware of new hiring and recruiting trends and practices that companies are using to compete for talent.

Speed Interviewing is one such technique that companies like pharmaceutical giant Abbott Labs and online retailer, Zappos is finding valuable.

Quote from an article by Sarah E. Needleman for Career Journal,
"Speed interviewing reflects employers' growing concerns about meeting their staffing needs as they face a looming shortage of skilled workers. This is due to a large number of soon-to-retire baby boomers and job growth in areas such as health care, finance and technology".

Some tips to handle the speed interview?

1. Although professional interview dress protocols still apply, stay on the side of comfortable attire. This is important if you are going to be onsite for a long time.

2. Eat right to keep your energy up. The last thing you want is to fade away by the end of long sessions.

3. Be flexible. You may have to stay longer than initially expected.

Read the complete article: Speed Date a Potential Employer And Get an Offer That Same Day by Sarah Needleman.

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