Monday, January 28, 2008

Can a Vocational Graduate Use a Functional Resume

There are three fundamental resume formats typically used by candidates who are job hunting.

-Chronological resume lays out education and work in reverse chronological order.
-A Functional resume clusters skills in 2-4 major groups.
-Combination resume uses both formats to create a cohesive marketing tool.

Job seekers in vocational training can experiment with all 3 styles of resume writing.

Consider the Functional Resume format for your job search if:

1. You have a diverse professional background and may be changing careers after completing your vocational training.

2. If you are completing career or vocational training after a gap in employment. A parent returning to the workforce after raising a family could write a functional resume to cover up employment gaps.

3. You want to showcase transferable job skills that you developed outside of your current work. eg. The functional resume is a great way to show skills developed through volunteer work or the military.

4. If you have done the same work for multiple organizations and you want to avoid repeating job descriptions.

5. You are a older worker who wants to show only relevant skills.

Vocational Sample Resumes

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