Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do You Make These Mistakes in a Panel Interview?

The panel interview, sometimes referred to as the "tag-team interview" or the "team interview", can cause great stress for some candidates. The thought of meeting with just one hiring manager in a job interview can be terrifying enough.

The key to managing this kind of interview stress is the same for managing other types of job interviews – Preparation. Doing the required company research and knowing what you want will increase your confidence level in the job interview regardless of the number of interviewers.

Plan for your panel interview in the same way you would for all other interviews and don't let the thought of multiple interviewers or recruiters in the job search add to your stress.

Here are a few tips based on some of the questions that candidates ask about meeting with an interview panel.

1. Make eye contact with more than one person on the panel.

2. Take extra copies of your resume and business cards to the interview.

3. Do not be distracted by strange or odd behaviors you perceive from the interviewers.

4. Try to get contact information for the interview panel. You will want to talk to everyone.

5. Feel free to ask questions of any or all the interviewers on the panel. You may get additional insight into other areas of the company.

6. Manage your stress before, not during, the panel interview. Get there early so you will have time for some deep breathing exercise before you get before the panelists.

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