Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What information should I include in my high school resume?

There are several online resume writing resources to help you get a high school resume complete.

Your first stop? The career counseling office at your high school.

Once you begin, you will find it is not that difficult to write your first high school resume, if you keep in mind the following FIVE key areas to be included in the resume.

1. NAME and CONTACT - Make sure this is current and correct.

2. OBJECTIVE - What is the purpose of your high school resume? A sample objective for a high school resume could be - "Seeking a summer internship position in retail".

3. EDUCATION and SPECIAL TRAINING - List the most recent or highest achievements and work backwards in time for a chronological resume.

4. EXPERIENCE- What have you done? include volunteering in the community or working in a family business.

5. SPECIAL SKILLS - Include language skills or advanced computer skills.

Other potential information to include on your high school resume?

1.Volunteer or community service
2.Interests eg web design, church or school clubs and bands
3.Activities eg ROTC
4.Awards eg Acknowledgements for participation or outstanding work
5.Membership - Joined any clubs or teams?
6.Leadership - Selected to lead teams or groups? Started a group or rejuvenated an old group?
7.Classes - Taken honors classes or classes outside of school?

The high school resume is the place to showcase your talents and is only a part of the job search.

Once you have a good high school resume, be professional with all your contacts and get help with interview preparation.

Read High School Interview FAQs

Submit completed high school resume to for a FREE resume critique.

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