Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Will You Need More Training After College?

If you are in the Class of 2008 and not feeling completely prepared, you are not alone.

Having worked with many college grads over the years, the fear of feeling like one does not know enough is not unusual. Employers and colleges are recognizing that additional training might be required to get new grads on the right path.

In an article published in the Deseret Morning News, Wendy Leonard says, "Colleges and universities dump a lot of graduates into the work force, and yet some in the work force still needs additional, specialized training to perform well in the jobs they choose."

Salt Lake Community College and Utah College of Applied Technology are offering programs that allow employers to tailor courses to meet employment needs.

If you are graduating and feel you are not completely prepared you might want to consider additional training when you evaluate companies to begin your career. You might want to look for companies that can offer you training in some of the following areas:

-team building
-leadership or supervisory training
-customer service and client relations
-interpersonal skills
-project management

Consider working on professional certifications also to help your professional development.

Check out professional associations in the career areas you are considering and look at certifications that these organizations support.

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