Wednesday, February 27, 2008

25 "Do-You-Knows" of Networking

Rejuvenating our contacts is a must for those of us thinking about changing careers or reentering the workforce. The possibility of networking yourself to your next opportunity is well known.

I stumbled on to this list of "25 Do-You-Knows of Networking" at Networking Insight.

My favorite tips for Networking?
1. Create personal cards and keep some in every bag, purse, coat etc that you have. Two great inexpensive sources of professional business cards are: Vista Print and Prints Made Easy

2. Givers Gain! Networking is not about what you can get it is about what you have to offer. One of my favorite resources on Networking is the book, Masters of Networking.

3. Join professional associations to connect with people who are in your profession or in a profession you are thinking about. Here are two of the best lists of professional associations on the web:
The Internet Public Library

4. Social Networking sites like LinkedIn and Spoke are good, but should only be a start.

You will still need to get personal!

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