Monday, February 4, 2008

3 Surefire Ways to Recession Proof Your Job or Career - Part 2

Recession fears are really shaking some workers' confidence in their current employment situation. In fact I spoke with two people last week who saw changes on the horizon with their employers.

Here is Part-2 of "Surefire Ways to Recession Proof Your Job or Career":

Volunteer for tasks outside of your job description while not neglecting your responsibilities. In a Slacker Manager blog post, Anita Bruzzese, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist on workplace issues, encourages workers to become the "go to" person on the job. "You don’t want to be a doormat, of course, dumped with all the bad stuff, but being able to step in and keep it all from going down the dumper will not only endear you to everyone, but help develop your reputation as a key player," says Bruzzese.

Do environmental scans both inside and outside of your organization. Pay attention to the marketplace. This does not just mean to watch the stock market. Keep on top of what is happening with your company's key customers and suppliers. Even when you work in one of those so-called recession proof careers like Education, Healthcare or Security, there are still niches that might not do well. For example, during a recession, parents may opt to pull children from tutoring programs to save or conserve money. Although this is the Education sector, private organizations are more susceptible to cuts than say K-12 or college education.

Think about other ways to use your skills to make money. Do you have job skills that you might be able to capitalize on to get some additional income? Imagine for example you work in a medical billing capacity for a large hospital, could you possibly take on additional medical billing work for smaller independent medical offices?

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