Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reentering the Workplace Intelligently

I was watching Financial Advisor Suze Orman speak with a 52 year old woman who was starting all over after a divorce.

Of course, as she always does, Orman reassured the woman that even at 52 she could definitely become the Interior Designer she wants to be.

Orman cautioned the future designer to "reenter the workplace intelligently". In other words, be cautious about accumulating student loans when you reenter college later in life. Orman's suggestion was to earn an income to take care of bills and life and go to school part-time.

For the most part, Orman's advice to proceed cautiously is good.

There are numerous education options to explore which will give the flexibility you need:
- Online programs
- Weekend programs
- Evening only programs
- Community college as a much less expensive option for the first two years
- Certificate programs

Before selecting any program however, do the self exploration required to be sure you are selecting the right program for you and your future career.

In addition to selecting the right program for the right career, explore funding sources for college.

Ask your college advisors and financial aid officers about grants, scholarships, assistantships or fellowships as well.

More advice is available in Orman's latest book - Women and Money.

Whatever approach you take, the time to start is now.

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