Monday, March 10, 2008

Are Vocational Students Paying Attention to Business Etiquette?

In addition to resume writing and interview preparation, if you are graduating from a vocational program, you need to brush up on your business etiquette skills.

Imagine a classroom transformed into a classy restaurant with the tables adorned with fancy white linens and flowers. Well this happened at Pekin Community High School's Culinary Arts classroom, in Illinois.

Students in work seminar classes were treated by a fun presentation by Jennifer Hunt who told them that, “Knowing good table manners can help you get along with other people and make a good impression on others around you.” Hunt also explained the differences between formal, informal and casual work and dinner attire.

Some tips from the session:
1. Keep elbows off the table
2. Wait until everyone is seated before you begin to eat
3. Turn off cell phones
4. Place your napkin on the table when you are finished eating
5. Sit up straight and be attentive

Read more about the business etiquette session for these students.

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