Sunday, March 30, 2008

Going Back to Work? Employers Use Job Application Kiosks

More retailers are moving online to hire hourly workers. Hiring managers are not only collecting job applications from their company websites, they are collecting them from job application kiosks set up at the work place.

Here are some stats on the growth of job application kiosks at the workplace and online.

- 70% of major retailers are now accepting hourly applications on their corporate websites.
- 41% more retailers are accepting applications on their website than in 2004.
- 16% or employers are only accepting applications online.
- In 2006, 37% of the top 100 retailers had a kiosk or computer station set up at their location to accept applications compared to 22% in 2004.
Source - Inside Recruiting

Here are just some of the retailers that have added kiosks for job applications:
Source - World Privacy Forum

- Blockbuster deployed an estimated 4,000 employment kiosks in 2000.
- By February 2003, Albertsons had deployed an estimated 2,300 kiosks.
- Sports Authority has deployed kiosks in its retail stores nationwide.
- Sears has employment kiosks in its retail stores.

Although the kiosk technology is intimidating for lots of people, for example older job seekers who are not as comfortable with computers, kiosks have become a solution for hiring managers.

The fact is, turnover is very high in hourly jobs and hiring managers are trying to find ways to reduce the costs of hiring. Read more at the Kiosk Marketplace.

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