Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scoring Points in the Second Interview

If you have not yet secured your job after graduation this May, you may be in your second and third round of interviews right now.

If you are, here are some tips to ace that second or third interview:

- Know your schedule and what will be expected of you in terms of the day's timeline.

- If you are traveling out of town, try to arrive well ahead of schedule. Some companies are cutting costs by having you come in, interview and fly out the same day. Prepare yourself for possibly a long day.

- Dress professionally and stay conservative.

- Research not just the company, but the industry. You might want to go a little broader with your knowledge.

- Have questions you might have prepared about not necessarily just the job, but also about the industry or career path.

- Be more prepared to discuss your salary and benefits. You should have researched the position and know at least a range of potential offers. This way you will be able to have an intelligent decision about compensation.

- Be sure to collect business cards for everyone you meet at this second or third interview. Follow-up with each person is important.

- One of your interviews on site will probably be over a meal. Brush up on your meal etiquette before your interview.

- Be sure to ask for the job while you are at the second or third interview. Be sure to summarize your qualifications and deliberately express your interest in the job.

- Be cautious about how you interact with other recent hires who might have graduated from your alma mater as well. Stay professional.

The second or third interview gives you a chance to really showcase your skills and competencies to the employer and gives you another opportunity to express your interest in the job.

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good tips.