Sunday, March 9, 2008

Teen Resume Writing Tips

Many of you are making plans for a summer job, a part-time job or an internship. It is time to start thinking about writing your resume, interview tips and completing job applications.

After years of working with teens and students here are the Top 10 resume writing questions I get asked all the time: (Check out the answers to these and other questions at BullsEyeResumes - High School)

1. I have not written a high school resume before. Where do I start?

2. When does a high school student need a resume?

3. Should references be included on my high school resume?

4. What special sections could be included on a high school resume?

5. Is the high school resume for jobs different from a high school resume for college admissions?

6. Which errors are common on the high school resume?

7. Can I write my high school resume myself?

8. How should I follow-up after submitting my high school resume for employment?

9. Is a cover letter necessary with my high school resume?

10. Any tips for proof reading a resume?

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