Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Use a Resume to Augment your Online Job Application!

I hosted a job search workshop at my local library last month and was still a little surprised to see that more than half of the participants did not have resumes.

Many of the job seekers present felt that at a time when they are being directed to hiring kiosks and online applications, there wouldn't be any need for a resume. One job seeker was particularly frustrated as she talked about trips to two major retailers and a local supermarket where she was directed to an in-house computer screen and given very little instructions except to -- "Read the screen".

Of course employers are inundated with applicants in a recession. However, I shared with the group that one of the ways that hiring managers screen through a mountain of applicants, is by connecting with the one or two candidates who go the extra mile. So let's assume you visit your big box retailer knowing you will get sent to the kiosk.

Why not take a copy of a well written resume, in an envelope to hand to a store manager?

If you know they will refer you to the online process, take care of that before you visit the job site. Get help in the privacy of your home or at your library and complete the application on line. Go to customer service, ask to see a manager, introduce yourself and hand them an envelope with your resume. Let them know you have already filled out the online application.

I can almost guarantee that if the manager scans the resume for 30 seconds and sees something they like, they will actually go into their online database and find your application. Of course they can't hire if they have no jobs, but if you want to improve your chances, this is a strategy that can work!

I have seen this approach work.

By the way, this is a great strategy for teenagers hoping to find summer employment.

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Karl Wolfbrooks Ager said...

I love the hard copy resume! A great idea in this all out push for everything digitized.

Amit said...

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very informative post. Thanks