Sunday, April 27, 2008

During-The-Job-Interview-Tips posts the following list of during-the-interview tips. Many of these interview tips are just the details that will cause many college students to falter in the interview.

Might be a good idea to have the list to read or scan just before you go into the interview.

-Greet your interviewer, and everyone else you meet on site, with a firm handshake and say hello. Use Mr., Ms. or Mrs. (unless the interviewer asks you to use their first name)

-It is polite to sit when you are asked to or after the interviewer sits

-Relax and listen carefully

-If you don’t understand the question, let interviewer know you don’t understand the question and ask if they can rephrase the question

-Look at the interviewer and smile once in a while (don’t look down or away)

-Don’t just say “yes” and “no” or “I guess” when you are asked questions

-Give short (I prefer to use the word concise) explanations, examples and mention your accomplishments. (Learn about a Kudos Folder)

-Don’t memorize your answers (You may sound robotic and not real)

-During an interview, talk about your skills, abilities, education fit the job requirements

-Don’t swing your leg, tap your fingers or other nervous movements

-Keep your arms comfortably on the chair or on your lap but don’t folder your arms in front of you

-Don’t smoke, chew gum, eat, or drink during the interview. (Unless interviewing over a meal)

-Use good grammar and speak clearly

-Don’t bring friends, children, boyfriend or relatives to the interview

-Be truthful, enthusiastic and but don’t appear desperate

-Don’t avoid questions, be direct and answer them

-Don’t talk about personal life and problems (don't talk badly about prior jobs either)

-Show your willingness to learn and be flexible

-Don’t ask about the salary and benefits until interviewer brings it up

-Interviewer may ask you if you have any questions so ask a few good questions

-Ask for the job! When the interview ends, let the employer know you definitely want the job and you hope you are selected

-Ask when you can follow-up

-Thank the interviewer for their time and firmly shake his/her hand

Most importantly - Stay positive!
After the interview make notes on what you did well and how you could have improved. Read more about College Resume & Interview FAQs in preparation for your interview.

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