Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Evaluate Career Training Programs Carefully

Reported by: The Dallas Business Journal on 2/15.

The Texas Workforce Commission issued five cease and desist orders to health care career schools in McAllen and the Dallas area.

The schools are:
-The Esther Medical Tutorial & Nursing Review Center in Richardson
-The Vocational Training Education Center in Irving
-Career Advanced Medical Clinic and Training, in Dallas
-Merit Excellence Institute of Carrollton
-IF Tech in McAllen.

The Texas Workforce Commission claims none of the schools have obtained valid licenses or exemptions under the Texas Education Code.

"Students are paying large amounts of money for training, which will not allow them to be eligible to take the NCLEX licensing examination in Texas," said Mary Beth Thomas, director of nursing practice and education with the Texas Board of Nursing, in a release.

The Office of the Attorney General is responsible for enforcing the civil penalties of $1,000 per day per violation in instances when state agencies issue cease and desist orders. The Texas Workforce Commissions' Regulatory Integrity Division issued the orders.

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