Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Trades People are Hard to Find

Employment services, Manpower Inc, said in its annual survey of staff shortages, that employers are increasingly "desperate for plumbers, welders and other technical staff".

The survey of just under 45,000 employers in 32 countries shows that employers are feeling the need for qualified trades people. Manpower Inc CEO, Jeff Joerres told Reuters that "we've grown up and others have grown up talking about the knowledge environment and parents encourage their children to go to college to get ahead".

This is actually creating a major void for qualified trades people.

Some other highlights from the 2008 Q2 survey:
- Of the 14,000 employers surveyed, 26% expect to increase their workforces in Q2 of 2008
- Of the 14,000 employers surveyed, 9% expect to reduce staff levels in the same period.
- Employers in the west and mid-west anticipate slower rate of hiring
- 5% of the employers are undecided about their April - June 2008 hiring plans

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