Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gulf High School Career Resource Center

Every few months I feature an active career center on a high school campus. This month we wanted to celebrate the work of Ms. Trapp at Gulf High School in Florida.

Ms. Trapp has ran this center for 14 years. This career center serves students by doing the following:

-College information sessions
-College field trips
-Hosting military recruiters
-Career center to research careers, colleges and life beyond high school
-Help with financial aid for college
-Computers to sign up for SAT or ACT
-Community service sign-ups
-Completing job and college applications
-Access the online service

The Gulf High School career resource center is open before school, at lunch and after school until 3 p.m. High school students can also make an appointment to see Mrs. Trapp.

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I feel you should also add " career awareness programs for students" As its very important to handle career once they are out of school or college! anyways your ideas were great!

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