Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In response to the increasing demand and pending shortage of hourly skilled employees, skilled trade workers in Canada and the United States got together to create and online resource called

The online community is dedicated to hourly skilled trades people and the companies that hire them.

Job categories such as those below are listed at Each category can then be researched further for popular job titles in the category, jobs available and job descriptions.

Additionally, hourly skilled workers can search for jobs directly from the job description.

Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors
Bricklayer/Stone Mason
Carpenter/framer/ joiner/form workers/finishers
Carpentry Supervisors Foreman, Contractors
Concrete Finisher/Cement Mason and Cribber
Construction Managers/Project Managers/Project Engineer/Superintendent
Construction office
Crane & Hoisting Operator
Drafting Technologists and Technicians
Drillers and Blasters and Surface Mining, Quarrying and Construction
Drywaller/Lather/Plasterer - Interior System
Electrical & Telecom Supervisors, Foreman, Contractors
Electrician (Except Industrial and Power System)
Elevator Constructor
Environmental Technicians and Technologists - includes Alternative Energy(
Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers
Floorcovering Installer
Forklift Operator/Warehouse Technician/Material Handlers/
Foundry Worker
Heavy Construction Supervisors, Foreman, Contractors

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Oh! god you saved me sharing this great job less for one year and this site is for me..million thanks for sharing!

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