Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blogging Your Way to Career Change

I recently read a blog post at JibberJobber- "Blogging to Bigger Job Opportunities - Interview on".

Jason Alba, Jibber CEO reflected on an article where Alba was quoted about blogging as a career tool to find career opportunities.

Jason rightly says, "Being one of the subject matter experts (SME) or thought leaders in your space is a powerful thing."

In my blog comment, I wrote that creating a positive web persona is important if one wants to use blogging as a route to a new career. Internet research reveals several blogs written by job seekers. A few bloggers wrote negatively about prior bosses and companies where they had interviews. Some bloggers trashed certain professions and careers completely.

Job seekers have a hard time explaining a negative web persona in the interview.

Jobseekers need to be aware of the long term effect on their careers of the persona they present on the web through:
-Networking sites like Facebook,LinkedIn and Spoke.
-YouTube videos.
-Meetup community networks.

As another blogger, wrote - "Your blog IS your brand!"

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