Sunday, May 18, 2008

Job Hunting at the Local Library?

You should be, if you are job hunting, for a new career or internships.

Neighborhood libraries have evolved to house career development tools for job seekers. The goal being to make career and job search information available at the community level.

Dr. Juliet Wehr Jones wrote this great article for
Top 5 Ways to Use Your Public Library as a Career Exploration Tool

Here are the top 5 points she makes about job hunting at the local library:
-Use career information databases and resources
-Find job hunting prospects who might have posted jobs
-Read career books or have them delivered to your branch for pick up
-Listen to podcasts by people in specific careers
-Check out digital or print books about skills needed in careers of interest.

Here are some additional library resources that can help in your job search:
-Many libraries host career professionals who volunteer to do resume writing and interviewing workshops.
-Local newspapers with job listings are often available.
-Employer directories.
-Check out their community notice boards. You might find job listings.
-Speaking of libraries, find out if the career library at your local community college is open to you as well.

Register for a pin # at the Philadelphia Free Library.

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