Saturday, May 31, 2008

Preparing Young Workers for Career Success

A recent post at HR Daily Advisor offered suggestions for employers on how to engage young workers and prepare 20-something employees for success.

The basic list of suggestions in the HR Daily Advisor included:

1. Teaching them the role of mature professionals
2. Helping them to establish profitable relationships
3. Encouraging them to show controlled initiative
4. Help them master skills that will take them anywhere
5. Showing them how to be proactive their own career growth

There are not many opportunities in college for students to really develop these behaviors. Employers who are looking to keep new college grads engaged realize there is more to learn than just the technical pieces of their new jobs.

A few other tips for graduates to focus on career success:

1. Bookmark a few writing resources that are easily accessible
2. Join a professional association. Many employers will actually pay for this
3. Take advantage of all the training your company has to offer
4. Pay attention to the politics in the office, while you stay out of it
5. Ask for feedback on your work and be open to new ideas
6. Exercise your people skills and find a coach you trust who can help you. Your coach does not have to be someone inside the company.
7. Understand different management styles and know how to work well with different groups.

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