Thursday, May 22, 2008

Workplace Diversity

If you are graduating from vocational or career education training program you, like others, can expect to be in a more diverse workforce. Here are three articles that address some of the current issues in workplace diversity.

Advantages of Hiring First Generation American Workers
by Kathy Bornheimer
With the increase of immigration into the United States comes the increase in the children of this generation. This future workforce will eventually become the current workforce. The three highest groups of immigrants are Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Asian populations.

Resume Tips for Minority Job Seekers
by Taunee Besson
Should minority resumes be any different from those of Anglo job seekers? "That's a silly question. Of course not." says Warren Osby, a Placement Specialist with Career Information and Placement Services at Richland College.

Want to Improve Your Employment Prospects? Learn a Second Language
by Mary Gormandy White
As technology becomes more and more advanced, it seems like the world is getting smaller and smaller. The phrase “global economy” is mentioned in the media quite a bit, and it does accurately describe the 21st Century marketplace. Conducting business across international borders is becom...

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