Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Problem Solving in the Job Interivew

I read a great post by Phil Rosenberg at titled "Interview Road kill - “I Haven’t Done it, but I Can Learn”.

Rosenberg advised job seekers to eliminate the phrase, "I can learn" from their vocabulary. Why? He feels that employers are not as interested in job seekers who can learn to solve the problems, but in job seekers who have solved similar problems before.

Rosenberg's advice, "Anticipate problems the company has through your research, before you even craft your customized resume. Read press releases, SEC reports, articles, blogs…and gain an understanding of the companies’ challenges and problems."

I commented on the blog to share a comment I had read in BizEd Magazine several years ago when a survey revealed that employers no longer wanted to hire "fixer upper" employees.

In addition to job interview preparation, it behooves career reentry professionals to gain the skills to succeed in today's workforce.

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