Thursday, June 19, 2008

Start a Career with the Federal Government

Job hunting after college for an entry level career? The Federal Government, the largest US employer hires more than 3 million people and has job openings. For example in 2006, over 230,000 people started new careers with the federal government. Many were new college graduates. Regardless of major or college degree, careers demand is high in growing sectors of government including law enforcement, healthcare, education and information technology. Many offer excellent career options for new college graduates.

Landing a job or career with the Federal government begins by knowing where to look. Here is where the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB, 2001), says that HR Managers post federal jobs: (Many use multiple sources)

Federal Agency Web Site - 44%
Federal Agency Email system - 32%
Agency Bulletin Boards - 30%
Local or National Newspapers - 6%
School or Career Centers - 4% (Listings in the career center are the tip of the iceberg)
Community bulletin boards - 3
Trade Journals or Magazines - 2
For Fee recruiting agency - 1%

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