Monday, June 16, 2008

Where to Find Jobs Paying $100K

Today's job search resources are focused on serving the needs of specific groups of job seekers. One such niche getting a lot of attention, is job seekers who want careers to earn $100K+.

The US Census Bureau shows that about 15.82% of US employees earn in excess than $100K. Recent layoffs have probably affected that number.

Here are 2 job sites available for those seeking careers with $100K or higher salaries.

1. The Ladders - Served 750 000+ job seekers in October 2006. The company reports over 25,000 recruiters list high paying career opportunities with The Ladders.

2. 6 Figure Jobs - This job posting website claims to support a database of 600 000+ pre-qualified job seekers looking for high paying jobs and career advice.

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