Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Applying for Jobs and not Getting any Calls?

You may be sabotaging your own job search. If you are applying for a new job, you should have a good marketable resume ready for distribution to many organizations through job boards or to share with your networking contacts.

However, you should know that busy recruiters and hiring managers discard great resumes all the time. Why? Simple - They are unable to reach candidates for the interview when they call.

When was the last time you updated the contact information on your resume?

1. Is it current and up to date?
2. Does your email look professional?
3. Do you have a professional voicemail?
4. If using a cell phone, can you actually get the call where you are?
5. Is someone available to take a message at the phone number listed?
6. Does your name and contact information appear on all your communications including every page of your resume, cover letter and thank-you letter?

If you spend the time to do your resume, then you have to keep it current if you want employers to find you.


almostgotit said...

I have always found the whole process of updating a resume both difficult and *very* rewarding at the same time. Updating my resume invariably helps me refocus as well... reminds me what I'm good at, where I've been, and where I'd like to be headed.

My husband is not looking for a job, but needs to submit career summaries from time to time as part of his job. He, too, finds it a surprisingly rewarding exercise.

Marcie said...

Unfortunately most companies don't require career summaries from employees.

That is a really good idea and something individuals might want to do whether prompted by their company or not.


Working Girl said...

It seems crazy that people would send out resumes with incorrect contact info but I know, it's true, it really does happen.


So this is a good reminder! If I were an employer and an applicant did this, I'm afraid it would be an automatic dealbreaker for me.