Sunday, July 13, 2008

Don't Vacation Without These Two Pieces of Technology

I am actually on vacation and have time to myself since the hubby and kids are off on some excursion.

This entry will be short as I just want to tell you about my two new favorite pieces of technology:
- My ATT air card
- My Garmin

We are in Southern California where we lived for about 12 years. However, detours and fading memory make it hard to remember the best way to get to everything. In addition, we now have two teenagers who want to visit every out-of-the-way indie music store in the greater Los Angeles area.

A trip to Silver Lake earlier today, to pay homage to the Silversun Pick-Ups, a new favorite band, was a breeze with our new handy, dandy Garmin, the children have named "Lola". Can't make it to the right lane fast enough and forced to take a new exit? No problem for "Lola", our new companion reassuringly "recalculates" our next move.

It came in really handy when we had to find medical center last night for a mini healthcare emergency.

My ATT air card, helped tremendously to locate healthcare providers who would take our insurance at 3am.

I can't imagine how we travelled before.


almostgotit said...

WE were just vacationing in the West, too (Oregon) and my sister was driving around (and making phone calls via) *her* Garmin. I am definitely a convert.

BullsEyeResumes said...

Don't you just love technology?

You have to get one. I guarantee you will rediscover even your own neighborhood.