Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Targeted Resume Objective is the Way to Go!

If you ever get to watch a recruiter sift through a stack of resumes for potential candidates for a job opening they needed to fill yesterday, you'll probably see them wince at cliche resume objectives.

Resume objectives like: "Seeking a challenging career with a progressive organization which will utilize my skills, abilities and education and allow for my professional growth within the company;" although well written, tells a busy hiring manager nothing about you, your skills, your goals or your potential value to the organization.

Remember to use the resume objective to set the tone and create a focus for your resume.

Here are some tips:
1. Be specific with goal statements
2. Demonstrate your value to the employer
3. Avoid superfluous "nothing" statements in the resume objective
4. Tweak resume objective as needed
5. Avoid the 1 or 2 word resume objective. "Sales" or "Supervisor" are two common one word objectives to avoid.

Your vocational resume should sell your skills and showcase your brand. Cliche terms won't cut it.

Ask for help in the career or placement office at your school.


dan said...

Resume Objective Example

What roles do you see yourself having in a new organization? Find out which industries you're looking for. Identify companies that you think you would like to be a part of. Determine who makes the decisions. Do you have a plan to go after your goal? Do not send your resume out to just anyone without warning. Such unsolicited resume are often thrown away, unread. Always do the necessary homework at the beginning.

When you can, use your well developed and written resume as a follow up tool, not as the first item you present. Present yourself as the product, not your resume. It should be utilized at the close of any great conversation, without regard to how short it may have been. Use it to remind readers of your main strengths, and provide details that they are curious about. You won't fall prey to the "send me your paper, and I'll think about meeting with you" approach. The potential employer, or the person who is looking for the job, is not benefited by prescreening with the resume method. Have some discussions with people. Research the company thoroughly. Promote your skills and assets. Make it happen for yourself!

Resume Samples and Templates

Marcia Robinson said...


Your tips make really good sense for resume writers. We have some additional information on resume writing here.