Thursday, July 3, 2008

Times are Tough. Can You Still Find the Right Job?

Gary Santana of Bluegrass Community and Technical College, offers college students good advice on how to find the right job in tough times. Santana suggests that college graduates who are job seekers need to stand out in a crowd through personal branding.

One major point in the job search to which job seekers need to pay close attention is the job application.

The job application helps employers make decisions about you. "if their first impression is that this is someone who is sloppy, incomplete, or can care less about the job then your chances are cut to slim right off the bat."

Additional suggestions on completing the job application from Santana:

1. Get two copies or make a copy of the one you receive. Use one as a first draft and make sure the second copy is clean, free of errors and wrinkle free.

2. Fill out the form completely.

3. Pay attention to dates and places. Most job applications require that job seekers list everything in reverse chronological order.

4. Use the word "negotiable" or the abbreviation 'neg" on the application where salary information is required.

Some additional tips from BullsEyeResumes to complete the job application:

1. Some applications will ask for a writing sample. Prepare a draft on another sheet of paper, before writing into the job application.

2. If using an online job application kiosk or creating a job board profile, where a number is required in the "salary desired area", do the salary research first. Don't guess.

3. Call HR or the college career center for help if you do not understand a specific question.

4. Watch for the box that asks if the potential employer can call existing employers.

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