Sunday, August 3, 2008

Consider Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are administrative support staff that works out of their own offices and assist small business owners, telecommuters and executives. Virtual Assistants are independent contractors, and therefore are expected to provide their own office equipment and workspace. Typically, they are paid on 1099's and have to handle their own taxes. Through the use of modern technology, Virtual Assistants can provide many of the same services as in-house administrative assistants from remote locations.

Many small businesses with limited funds find that Virtual Assistants offer convenience and value for some of the following reasons:
- Lower costs because of no employee-related taxes, paperwork, insurance, or benefits
- Virtual Assistants have their own office space and equipment costs.
- Pay by project or hourly based on the time spent.
- Ability to add extra staff during seasonal or peak times.
- Support on as needed basis, with fast turn around time.
- Round-the-clock schedules available.

Read a comment from a reader at JibberJobber who offered these resources for those who want to consider becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Rat Race Rebellion

Here are some others:
Dc Virtual Office Solutions

As with all career options you explore when reentering the workforce, be careful and do the required due diligence. Be wary of services that are collecting up front fees.


Ishani said...

Virtual assistants are really becoming an indispensable part of all kinds of business. This article at is an interesting read on the power of virtual assitants.

Link Building Staff said...

VAs are honest and ethical. If a potential conflict of interest arises, a trustworthy VA will bring it to your attention right away. They do not discuss the nature of their clients’ businesses. Most VAs I know pride themselves on keeping confidential matters to themselves. Being honest and having integrity forms the ethical base for a VAs business.

Marcie said...

Good points about the value of Virtual Assistants. Definitely a career option worth exploring.


Kathie M. Thomas, A Clayton's Secretary said...

Only VAs who are paid via the US tax system would be on 1099s if I'm reading your post correctly.

I'm in Australia and own and manage the second oldest VA network established in the world. We have been operating as a network since early 1996. Our members started out just being in Australia but today we have members in 15 countries, including the US and UK.

VAs are primarily business owner/operators so their client's business is of paramount importance to them and of course confidentiality is one of those key items.

I love being a part of this industry and feel very privileged to have seen its birth and growth over the years.

Marcia said...

Great point Kathie!
It is indeed a growing global opportunity. I was in a webinar the other day and the host spoke about using global VA's all the time.

Technology certainly is wonderful!

theysaywordscanbleed said...

Employing the help of virtual assistants in your business can really ease your stress a lot.

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SEO said...


Virtual assistant offers you the flexibility of making the rules and giving you the opportunity to balance your lifestyle to suite your own needs. A Virtual assistant has the satisfaction of being a professional, by doing the job that you love, from the comfort of your own home. Thanks a lot...

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