Sunday, August 31, 2008

Manufacturing Jobs Still Need Talented Workers

Although the United States has lost millions of manufacturing jobs to countries like China, there are still well paying, job opportunities for hourly skilled workers in the manufacturing sector.

In a study on the issue, the United States Labor department reported that too few young people consider manufacturing careers and often are unaware of the job skills needed in the more advanced manufacturing environments.

As more and more baby boomers retire, the problem is expected to accelerate and many fear these well paying jobs will remain unfilled.

Some states, schools and businesses are collaborating to address this shortfall in skilled workers, directly through vocational training and workforce development programs.

State of Wisconsin - Created the "Next Generation Manufacturing"
Northwest-Shoals Community College in Alabama - Added a Welding and a Machine Tool Technology program.
Hamill Manufacturing - Invests an average of $120,000 per apprentice to try and train the qualified skilled workforce they need

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