Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Your Teen Resume Says About You

Teenagers need resumes for all kinds of reasons including looking for part time jobs, applying to college and applying for scholarships.

Regardless of the reason the teenager is writing the resume, most jobseekers teen resumes are basically looking for the same behaviors. If you are writing your first highschool resume, think about what you want the reader to think about you. Here are three personal traits that an employer could see from reading between the lines on your resume.

Error Free
An error free high school resume will say that you are a teenager who pays attention to detail. Not only are you conscientious enough to write a resume, you took the time to get help proofreading and correcting your resume.

Work Ethic
If your resume shows that you are a full time teen student who is juggling extra curricular activities, coursework and volunteer work, the employer will get a sense that you have strong work ethic and you are reliable.

Your high school resume is a good place to show all of the academic awards and recognition you received. An employer would be impressed if they read a teenager's resume that shows outstanding achievements.

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