Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 Top 50 Colleges for African Americans

Every year Black Enterprise Magazine offers up a list of what they consider the Top 50 Colleges for African Americans. To compile this list, the magazine surveyed 700+ African American higher education professionals, including presidents, chancellors, and student affairs directors.

Fourteen hundred four-year colleges met the initial criteria for consideration based on accreditation status, 3% of African American student enrollment and had enrollment data submitted with the U.S. Department of Education.

Here is the list:

1 Spelman College
2 Howard University
3 Morehouse College
4 Hampton University
5 Georgetown University
6 Stanford University
7 Swarthmore College
8 Fisk University
9 Amherst University
10 Harvard University
11 Columbia University
12 Wake Forest University
13 Clark Atlanta University
14 Wesleyan University
15 Yale University
16 Tuskegee University
17 Xavier University
18 Florida A&M University
19 University of
20 Brown University
21 North Carolina A&T State University
22 Pomona College
23 Princeton University
24 Williams College
25 Cornell University
26 North Carolina Central University
27 Johns Hopkins University
28 Oberlin College
29 Emory University
30 Dillard University
31 Duke University
32 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
33 University of California-Berkeley
34 Tennessee State University
35 Northwestern University
36 Jackson State University
37 Smith College
38 Vanderbilt University
39 University of Virginia
40 Grambling State University
41 Wellesley College
42 Morgan State University
43 Barnard College
44 Haverford College
45 Davidson College
46 New York University
47 University of Southern California
48 University of Maryland - College Park
49 South Carolina State University
50 Carleton College


Eugene said...

This is a most glorious post Marcia. I have been looking for schools that are not specifically HBCU, but where i can fit in well. This really helped me out.

Marcia Robinson said...

Hi Eugene,

There are other websites that offer good college information. Here is one:


Also go to your career or college prep office at school.