Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Considering Career ReEntry in a Scary Economy

With the unemployment rate of 6.1% and the much publicized job losses on Wall Street, it is a scary time for people who are considering going back to work.

Over the last few months job seekers have increasingly shared their concern that more layoffs have increased competition in the job market. With more qualified workers in the market for jobs, some career reentry professionals fear that competition will make it harder for them to find work.

No doubt that is a significant possibility.

In addition to advising career reentry professionals to stay positive and focus on the advantages they have to offer, here are some concrete actionable steps job seekers should think about:

Revisit and revamp resume writing
Get help with a free resume critique from a professional resume writer. This is not the time to get your career reentry resume tossed for mistakes and errors which can easily be avoided.

Sell current job skills and the need for less training
Employers looking to reduce costs in a tight economy may want to save time and money by hiring workers who need less training.

Be willing to take part-time hours and less benefits
Many career reentry jobseekers who want to reenter the workplace are willing to so on a temporary basis at first. Employers love part-time employees who offer the scheduling flexibility during difficult times.

Consider volunteering to gain new skills
If you were exploring workplace reentry into a new career, where you might not have all the experience you need, consider volunteering. Not only will the experience give you an advantage in your new career, you may parlay this volunteer work into a long term relationship when the economy improves.

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Anonymous said...

Volunteering is a good way to earn skills especially if you are trying to change industry. the foot-in-the-door princilple works.