Thursday, September 18, 2008

Older Worker Friendly Workplaces

If you are a mature jobseeker currently job hunting, you are not alone.

I discovered this great little assessment which I thought might be of some value to you. Even though the assessment is written for employers to evaluate whether their workplace is older-worker-friendly or not, a jobseeker can find benefits in knowing how employers are thinking.

The survey is based on older-worker-friendly characteristics that were identified by
older workers in Wisconsin, as something likely to attract and retain older workers to an employer.

Questions are classified in the following areas:
- Recruiting: Asking employers if they use the terms "Maturity, Good Judgement or Work Experience" in their job postings?

- Hiring, Retention, Evaluation and Promotion: Does the employer provide information on topics of interest to older workers such as flexible benefits and alternative work schedules?

Check out the entire assessment here.


The Interview Teacher said...

What an interesting tool. It would be great if all employers were measured against it and their was a place to compare them localy before you submitted your resume. It you help a number of us target specific companies and get a higher return for interview requests. Thank you for sahring thids information with us.

Marcia Robinson said...

Good idea about finding a place to compare the organizations this way. There is so much out there, it is really hard to research.

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