Monday, September 22, 2008

Teens and Parents On Technology like MySpace

Teens and parents should know that more and more employers are looking at social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to screen potential employees.

A Pew Foundation survey from late 2007, shows how teens see and use techology compared to how their parents see and use technology.

The research shows that today's parents are staying involved with the online lives of their teens:

- Percentage of parents who check to see websites viewed by their teens after their child gets off the internet? 65%
- Percentage of parents who know whether or not their online teenager has ever created his/her own social networking site profile that others can see at sites such as MySpace or Facebook? 74%

Since employers are paying such close attention to social networking sites to screen candidates, parents have to not only know that teens have profiles on these sites, but know more about the type of content as well.

For curious parents, MySpace Unraveled, could be a great resource.


Anonymous said...

A few days ago read something along these lines in the newspaper the other day. I must say it really struck a chord with me. Its good that your letting the youth know about an issue like this.

Marcia Robinson said...

Many teenagers don't know that employers could be looking at their online profiles. Teenagers should clean up their accounts.