Monday, October 6, 2008

Are you in a Dead End College Major?

Lists of hot careers with growing occupations and professions are a favorite of college students to help them choose a major.

However, a word of caution!

As college students peruse hot career lists with dying or growing occupations, they should know there are many careers and occupations, NOT on these list that could also lead to dead end careers.

College students should know that they can end up in a dead end careers, not only because they picked dead end college majors, but because they chose college majors and careers that were not a good fit for them.

Just as all careers are not for everyone, even from the hot career list, not all college majors are for everyone. Many college students are regrettably trapped in the wrong college majors, for them. Many of these college students, without intervention and changing majors, ultimately end up trapped in the wrong careers. For these college students, a bad choice of college major can lead to a profession where career nirvana is elusive and job satisfaction is almost impossible.

How to know when you are in a dead end major?

- No passion for the subjects in your core? If you are a psychology major and not enjoying or doing well in Psych 101, or basic Psychology courses, a psychology major may not be for you. If you don't read the text or participate in class discussions, you are in the wrong place.

- No curiosity about your college major? No interest in learning more? No interest in specific trends as you learn more? You may be in the wrong major.

- Were you pressured to choose your college major to fulfill someone else's dream? College students end up in wrong majors that will dead end for them, because parents, teachers or friends told them it would be a good choice.

Visit your college career center if you are have questions about choosing a major.

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