Sunday, October 19, 2008

Career and Technical Education Best Alternative to 4-Year Colleges

The Career College Association (CCA) conducted a survey of 830 adults who were 18 and over in March. In a press release to share the results, The President of CCA, Harris Miller, stated:
"Most Americans realize and accept that a degree from a four-year university is not the right choice for all young people, and they see career colleges as better alternatives for skills development than community colleges by a nearly 3 to 1 margin. That fact speaks volumes.”

Certainly, four year colleges produce a large number of college grads in the US, however, they cannot meet the entire demand for qualified workers in a 21st economy. President Miller states that the survey offers convincing evidence that the US should be offering more skills training as part of higher education options.

Here are some of the findings from the survey:

1. When asked for the best alternatives to a 4 year college degree:
-45% said a career or technical school
-17% said community college
-23% said on the job training from employers

2. 65% of those responding says that the presidential candidates should pay more attention to ensuring a competitive American workforce.

3. 62% of the respondents felt that the average American has none to moderate opportunity to pursue higher education in America.


Anonymous said...

Every high school student should know that there are alternatives. a nephew did an apprenticeship on a dock and has done very wll.

Marcia Robinson said...

Good point!
There are still many great apprenticeship programs that prepare workers for good paying hourly/skilled jobs.