Wednesday, October 1, 2008

High School Teens are Confident About The Future

Education Week shared details from The 2008 State of Our Nation's Youth report showed that high school students feel that the pressure to get good grades has increased over the last few years. The report shows that in 2001, 62% of the students felt pressured this way, compared to 79% now.

Over that same period the number of high school students who reported that grade pressure was a "major" factor in their lives, increased by 19%.

Other report details:

- 21% of high school students said they spent more than 10 hours per week on homework. This is 9% more than in 2005.

- 34% of high school students were concerned about the economy.

- 31% of high school students were concerned about the war in Iraq.

Despite their concerns, 88% of high school students reported confidence about their own futures and 66% said they are optimistic about their own futures.

Let us know how you feel, if you are a high school student? What are you concerned about?


Larry Buchanan said...

Really? 88% said that they were confident about their futures? Most people I know say they are clueless about life after high school.

Marcia Robinson said...

Hi Larry,

Good point. If I ask my teens they will say they are confident that they will do well in the future. They don't know what they will do yet, but are confident it will come and they will succeed.

Might be a technicality, but good point.